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Feb 8, 2005
Thorn torn from my side, died...

Chapter 3:

honestly, i can't believe you came back to view my blog again... and you think i'm lame and who cares.... haha such a fickle hypocrit.  You have been the shockwave and I am the receiver.  Boy you sure just don't learn.  Obviously people care, especially you or you wouldn't keep feeling the deep urge to leave me comments. haha!

The masses don't determine the outcome or the means.  The end will justify itself in time.  I am a firm believer that people will care, even if it takes til their death bed with their last crusted utterance... you will hear the voice of reason and it will be hope and care.

Plunging a knife into the back of your fellow man will be the first implecation that you are a devolving human.  Because people that are only watching out for themselves will end up putting the knife in their own back eventually... The sad thing is, they probably won't realize it until their almost dead.  I think it is a shame that people live this way.  Yeah, maybe not many people care, but quite a few do!  And if you haven't come to grips with it yet.  Look at the title of this blog; figure it out!

I can't be stopped or weighed down by your comments.  I can endure.  I am the revolution, and indeed I will succeed, even if that means I must lose part of myself... My quest is to help others thru enlightenment.  I am not concerned with the present, for the present doesn't exist.  The present is past as soon as it has been acknowledged, therefore, the future is our own present which in turn implies that the future is not so distant.  The only way to recreate the present is to fuse the future with the past because in the end, did it really matter?

Posted at 01:18 am by 8energydesign
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Jan 27, 2005
chapter 2...jump start


obviously people care... My reply to your comment... wow you aren't pleasent however, you may be right... who cares? obviously your need to post a comment here over ran your ability to remain apathetic... so in short conclusion this has already achieved its purpose thanks to you... bet you didn't see that one coming did you? thought not.

To pick up where I left off... teachers are indeed limited to what and how they relay information to the masses (in a general sense).  Sure private school may have a few advantages however they are slight in my opinion.  I have come to the conclusion that although public schools may not be the best academically speaking they have a wealth of data and information that can be used to hone your street smarts (or life experience). One thing that public schools seem to do without flaw is social interaction or the lack of it.  You have to learn how to relate to all types of people... even if that means you don't interact with them.

Moving on though... You yourself are the best teacher for anything.  Learning is motivation that comes directly from your being.  This is why it is much easier to learn about your interests than what is forced into the back of your brain and forgotten after each exam.  Even if you can relate or manipulate data that must be forced to learn, you will cram it in a more timely fashion.

I try to learn something new everyday.  I always question why something is the way it is.  Even if what I am thinking about has small or no bearing to anything important in life it can be used to relate more important information.  The more connections you can make the faster your brain will find the missing piece of information... sometimes this missing piece is filled in so quickly you say it without having to "think". 

Find things that inspire you, even if those are things that may get you laughed at by friends... later they are the ones with less information... and ironically will usually become interested in it after you move on to something else.  Let your spark fly, and if it catches on some else than great... but as long as you are getting something useful out of it is what really counts.

recalling random information is a boost.  hmm its 2 o'clock what else has happened at 2 o'clock?  what was the first thing i did when i woke up?  why is that song still in my head?  Random information can really give you a jump off point to remind yourself of something you are mentally remembering for a hidden reason.  At first you will feel like it is a waste of time, but after you do it a couple times you really start to see the faster connections.

staying with random also try thinking of a specific thing and expanding on it.  Take one word, example: Bridge-  how many specific bridges can you name? styles of bridges? materials? locations? the body of water or land they span?

try this for a few days with testing different techniques out... if it doesn't work... call me a liar but i bet you will see results if you really give it a chance.

routines... break out of your chains... simple... easy... avoided?  NO...driving to work? well maybe you are in a hurry so the express lane is the best. how about on the way home?  Mix up your scenary and see how you feel about the change.  Familiarize yourself with a new area by driving around with no directions and let yourself get lost... or if you really think things are always the same try to find a house during the day, and try to find it at night and gauge your results and compare them... it really is easy and enjoyable to throw a wrench in your own works once and a while... this also keeps conversations fresh... especially to people who have heard most of your stories.

until then... practice!

Posted at 06:51 am by 8energydesign
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Jan 23, 2005
and here we go...

Chapter 1:

I have chosen to reject the "so-called" answers and information that everyone seems to freely hand out to the masses.  I believe that there is something else out there that must retain more of what the truth really is about. The media has been lying to us for so many years it is hard to tell what the real adgenda is all about.

Technology is not our limit anymore, it has become a guidline.  More to truth it has become an over used cliche to hold our "collective attention".  Listen to news from another country to see their point of view on what "our country" is really doing.

The truth as most of us have come to know it, is nothing more than mythes of grand events that have been twisted to boost the ratings.  Do not let yourself become a pawn in this life time.  Experience and learn for yourself on your own terms when you have time to do so.

The future is made of the past and the present only can exist in the past.  Education has been thrown by the wayside of life.  I believe that to seriously make any positive changes that the revolution must begin with education.  I have had many teachers and professors over the course of my education, and I will say that I am far more impressed by teachers that challenge me to work harder and have a true love for teaching.  Anymore I find that this is a rare condition.

Teachers are the displays of possible future projections of our societies.  I still wonder why their skill set is seen as less valuable or not as sophisticated as other careers.  I am very upset that a professional sports athlete can make multiple million dollar contracts, while a teacher tops out at around $50,000 and that is stipulated by having a master's degree and working for about 30 or more years in the field.

Teachers are the ones who are leading our next generation of leaders, so education is important today if anything else will be important tomorrow.  Good teachers amaze me because their knowledge base is so fresh and wide that with a teacher's passion....

Posted at 01:26 am by 8energydesign
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Jan 22, 2005

Welcome to what I hope will be an inspiration to others.  I hope that I can provide you with some entertainment as well as with some real life situations that you can relate with on a personal basis.  For some time now I have been trying to really get some of my thoughts out.  I waited, however, until I felt I could really do some deep thinking and mature my style to the point of this becoming an intimate story of life and its lessons.  I do not want this to come off as writings of daily routines.  I want this to be a bigger picture, a grand experience of understanding and insight.  The writings may not be daily, however, I will write when I am inspired to write or feel an urgency to convey a specific idea.  I hope that all will learn something from this, myself included.  Please feel free to post comments, feedback is always appriciated; however, I am a blunt person that cuts straight to the point and if you feel the need to make a jab at my writings please do so in a civil manner.  Again I hope these following writings will give others another's point of view.  Take everything with a grain of salt; my writing included.  Enjoy.

Posted at 01:43 am by 8energydesign
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